I used AI to recreate photos of my dog and cat.

As a content marketer and writer, I was aware of the Open AI Chat GPT-3 model from a very early stage. As for generative art, this was my first attempt at AI art using Dall-E and Midjourney.

These aren’t the best photos that I have, but they are the funniest. It took me a while to get something close to what I wanted- and I think using AI isn’t just as easy as it sounds.

The one on the top is my first ever attempt at AI art using midjouney.

The photo on the bottom is a generation I got from Open AI’s Dall-E 2, which was better than the catfish from Midjourney… but barely.

I work smarter. Not just Harder.

No, just because you spend more time at your desk doesn’t mean you work harder.

Classic Rookie Mistake.

Of course there is an ultimate amount of time that needs to be spent on things.

But work is about progress. Whether you’re learning, communicating, developing, or creating… any action that happens in a workplace should have a purpose and progress.

Time only matters when things are done correctly and as needed.

If you don’t have a purpose, don’t waste other people’s time just to have your moment.

We all have work to do!

On the ethics of success

Can success be ethical?

What happens when work and money is related to morality?

Today, I talked to my therapist about the ethics of life.

He pointed out that ethical decisions make up a lot of my choices. giving me an example situation as so:

If my child was running a high fever and I had no money, AND the nearest drugstore was closed with nobody at the counter, what would I do?

Me, I would go running out and look for a new one with someone with the empathy to lend me some painkillers.

Strangely enough, I would not go in and steal some medication. Didn’t even cross my mind.

Perhaps it is because I don’t have the guts to.

Maybe, it’s because I don’t have a child yet, and I don’t know how it feels.

Or maybe, it’s a result of my conscience– one that was drilled into me since childhood.

Any how, making decisions that go against my ethics and values is a hard choice. But I find peace in the fact that I can take responsibility in my actions and choices.

Whenever I find that the results of things in front of me are the outcomes of unethical decisions, it hurts me to a point where I lose respect for those involved. Often times, I find that the most desperate to succeed will make unethical decision. Why is this?

Acting like a good person will not make you a good one. Making selfish decisions and sugarcoating it to make yourself look good– well, people will find out in the end.

I believe in the power of hard work, but progress should never be the result of throwing others under the bus.

Making sacrifices for yourself and your career is inevitable. But sacrificing the happiness of others to veil yourself in a shroud of lies– I believe that things will ultimately find its way around.

After all. Karma’s a bitch.

Seeing so many occasions of people losing their morals just for a moment of success makes me sick.

I wonder what it is.

Is losing all sense of morality something that is necessary for success?

Can these decisions and choices be justified with good results?

Should people do all it takes just to be rich– even at the expense of others?

If I choose to be ambitious, will I become this monster that I loathe so much?

To choose between morality and wealth is a hard question, but there must be a place in between.