In a Utopian Workspace

In a utopian workspace, everyone would come in to the office at their own time of convenience.

We would come to work only 2 times a week, from 10AM to 3PM. One hour would be spent managing tasks and giving each other follow-ups. Constructive criticism would be short, concise, respectful, and maybe also humorous.

11 AM, we would eat lunch and share tea times with our coworkers, talking casually about the work that needs to be done.

Meetings are quick, with very little interruptions in between.

On days when there is a lot to do, people would come into the office but would be allowed to recline in their chairs and take 30-minute naps. Some would climb under their desk and pull out their pillows and blankets, close the curtains and fall asleep.

People would respect each other and their work, everyone working as best as they can even without any pressure. When tight deadlines are due, superiors would pressure people with positive reinforcement such as raises and bonuses.

Computers and desks would be top-notch. Free food and snacks for all employees, both healthy and delicious. Once a week employees would be given time to do self-constructive activities of their wish, whether that is reading, exercising, studying, attending seminars, or conferences.

All people would be able to bring their (trained) dogs to work with them. The company would allow 15-minute walk times for dog owners after lunch.

Family events, personal health, and mental health awareness would come first. Employees would love the company and not take advantage of its benefits.

That’s what I would consider a Utopian workplace. How about you?

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