Dogs in Korea (No we don’t just eat them)

As someone who has only had a dog in Korea, I wouldn’t really know what it feels like to have a dog in a different country,

All I know is that there is an increasing number of dog friendly cafes in Korea, and being the owner of a 15kg pup, this is amazing news. Still, many places in central Seoul only accept smaller dogs. But in the outskirts of Seoul, there are places for the bigger dogs and their owners to hang out.

Today, I visited a cafe in Paju. Something about the rain and the weather made it all the more pleasant for us to enjoy the weekend.

My partner hates rainy weather. But I, on the other hand love the rain. The scent of rain and the way it matches my mood is actually pretty soothing. Especially when I have nothing to do on the weekend, rainy weather is something that makes me feel really calm.

When we first arrived, Yeondu took a short walk on her leash, went outside to pee, and came back in to play with her friends. It’s a quite common thing for people to discriminate against jindos in Korea, but this particular cafe was very jindo friendly.

Jindos have a pretty picky attitude when it comes to food, but luckily Yeondu enjoyed her drink as much as we enjoyed ours. One of our goals is to have a house with a yard and two dogs. Sometimes, coming to places like these makes it seem more like a reality.

Sometimes hanging out with dogs and their owners is the best feeling in the world. Hoping that one day I will have a house big enough to foster some strays, and make special relationships with the foster dogs’ adopted families.

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