First mental breakdown after my mom’s death

I feel drained. My energy is low.

Yesterday, I was talking to my partner about how surprising it is that I am going through everyday tasks,

possibly even more tasks- with the inheritance issues and everything–

despite all the pain I am in.

But even though I try to express my feelings and be open about the state I am in,

It’s not easy for me to let it all out.

I cry often when I am alone. Mostly in the car, or writing on this blog

I think it’s the effect of being alone with my thoughts.

Right now, its really hard for me to keep going through things in my head, yet I can’t really seem to stop them.

With so many thing going on- time doesn’t stop for anyone.

I have a whole list of things that need to be done until the end of next December,

none of which can be compromised-

And I feel like the weight is mostly on me.

Even after so much planning, things not going the way I planned them

really messes with my head.

Finances, time, career, legal issues- none of which I can prioritize at the moment.

What do I do in times like these?

What do I do when I am overwhelmed at everything, but no one sees?

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