A Letter to mom #5

Mom, me and dad are doing great.

He’s working again, and we are taking care of two little fluffy cats. I know how much you loved animals.

Surprisingly enough, we are still taking care of the things you left behind-

and I have to say, it’s quite a pain in the butt.

Every time I feel like I’m forgetting the pain a little, there comes another incident where I have to talk about you, or share about you, or even be accused of trying to steal your money…

Strange world, huh.

Anyway, we’re meeting my future husband’s parents this weekend.

Dad got a nice short, hair cut and it’s looking really nice.

I really wish you were here. Sometimes I imagine you taking care of your grandchildren, or crying as I walk down the aisle…

And it really comes back to that surreal feeling that I might see you again.

It’s really hard to explain.

Weather’s warming up. I miss you lots.

With love,


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